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"Monobloc Dinner Party"


"Monobloc Dinner Party"

Solo show at Atelier Ecru Gallery, Gent, Belgium
5 - 27 February 2022

for informations and inquiries : click here

Photography by Tijs Vervecken courtesy of Atelier Ecru

Special thanks to Stéphanie Frederickx and Christophe Urbain from Atelier Ecru.

Thanks also to Tim Teven, Diego Faivre, Olga Flor, Paul Coenen and Rino Claessens for their help and support.


"Monobloc Dinner Party"


Inspired from the aristocratic Victorian dinner party from the XIXth century. The “Monobloc Dinner Party” recreates a salon from that era based on the host’s intention to show off detailed furniture and precious interiors to their guests, the installation stretches inspiration from this aristocratic behaviour while using what is commonly known as the cheapest and most widely produced type of furniture available : The typical plastic lawn chair.

Creating a contrast between the raw and intuitive approach of the Copytopia series against the strict etiquette of these dinner parties as a way to subtly introduce the ideology behind these pieces of copying as a human need and triggering and question the hierarchy of materials and bring common plastic chairs to another degree of value.

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