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Flooded Utopia

Alternative vision of a city

Located around 600m of altitude, Madrid is one of the highest capital of Europe. That fact makes it very unlikely to be flooded in the future. People can’t even imagine that being a possibility. They are not prepared. The unimaginability of this scenario feels to me like an opportunity.In many civilizations a flood is seen as an act of god, it brings many connotations with it from anger to rebirth. I don’t see a flood as a catastrophe. If we manage to control it, I see it as a possibility for a change. To change the city, the vision we have from it, how we perceive it and how we live through it in our everyday life.In this project, I give a vision of what could be an utopia of the flood. Exploring the foundations of what we qualify a city, and discover a new way of experiencing the city.

Flooded Utopia was presented during the exhibition Here And Out in Dimad Matadero from the 2nd of February 2018 until the 18th in the context of the Madrid Design Festival.

For more information:

Special thanks to Cas van Son for some photos and video shoot and Carla Joachim for her sewing skills.

I tried to make the unlikely slightly possible. I found a hypothetical way to flood madrid. From the calculation I made I had the level max of the water so I started to map the altitude of the circle.I then started to imagine how life in the city would change with the introduction of this new parameter.To show this vision, this project is composed of different items:

-a flood manifesto that describes and show how life would be in the circle in that scenario

-Chalupa, a foldable boat designed especially for the city of Madrid and its inhabitants.


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