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State of Possessions


“State of possessions” explores the relationship we have with objects. It aims to shift the perception we can have toward them that can be such as master to slave equivalent toward a way of interaction that can become more as equals. A shift where the object doesn’t adapt the need of the human but the human need to adapt partly the need of the artefact. This outcomes aims to change the actual perception introduced by mass-production and mass-consumerism that doesn’t allow us to get attached to our belongings. Going against the standard of the industry of the efficiency of use to connect back the human aspect into a product. Create an emotion rather than a function. Allow the user to have a relation with the object. The current industry doesn’t allow us to get attached. It’s harder to get a connection with our possessions. They don’t feel special anymore. With mass production there are millions identical to the one we own. With planed obsolescence they re in our life for a limited ammount of time. They wont outlive us and we know that. We care less, we don’t take time to repair them we just replace them. Our objects became dispoable to us .The standart of the current industry doesnt help either. Products need to efficient. They need to fulfill our needs right away. The standart of industry being efficiency the technical artefact stays technical to us. No need to understand them they are here for our need anyway. This current relation ship looks to me very much like a master toward his slave.

These lamps create more of a connection with the user. One only switches on when you pour it a glass of water. Another needs a scarf to light up, while the third must be tilted, forcing the user to adapt to its individual character.

A graduation project by Pierre Castignola
Design Academy Eindhoven
Texts, photos, edits, renders and layout by Pierre Castignola
Special thanks to Lucas Muñoz, Lucas Maassen, Katja van Stiphout, Pauline Kolton, Julie Abraham, Jonathan Levain, Carla Joachim, Rino Claessens, Marina Martinez Garcia, Irene Droogleever Fortuyn, Ruud van Oosterhout and my family for all their support and help.

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